Our service does the most work for our customer, so they can take care of the relocation of the new family member. Whether domestic, zoo or commercial animals, our team of specialists takes care of all the details quickly and reliably. Our family-run business is on hand to assist our customers at all times, even in stressful times, in a pleasant and supportive manner.

WHY AnimalLogistics

The transport of live animals is demanding and labour-intensive. This is why large transport companies usually shy away from it. This niche gradually developed around 50 years ago.

Airlines are also happy to pass on orders to us, because the costs for non-specialists are simply too high to be economical.
We use this as a dynamic and strong team to offer you the service you need. What distinguishes us from other forwarding companies is therefore not least the cultivation of our contacts at the world’s most important destinations such as FRA (Frankfurt am Main, DE), LHR (London, GB) or SYD (Sydney, AU) and many others.

We belong to the umbrella organisation IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association, Within IPATA we are more than 400 companies which are engaged in animal transport alone. For such a demanding transport as that of your animals, cooperation with colleagues all over the world is an advantage. For you it remains comparatively simple, because you have us as a contact person, in order to be able to deal optimally with your desires and needs.

WHAT drives us ?

On the one hand we are grateful to you and all other customers and business partners, because without your wish to let your animal travel around the world, we might not even exist. And on the other hand, we can tell you how pleased we are to be able to offer the perfect solution for supposed problems in air transport.

But there is a personal aspect to our professional experience and animal love. Imagine that every day people would come to you at work and look forward to seeing your pet again after a trip halfway around the world. Because that’s exactly what happens with us. From time to time there is a lot of turmoil and dog tail wagging. We are lucky to experience every day how happy people are when everything goes according to plan and the beloved pet is with them again. A welcome side effect of this profession.

WHAT is AnimalLogistics

AnimalLogistics FRA GmbH
The company is young, the staff stayed young. Because each of us has 10 to 20 years of experience in the transport of pets and zoo animals. A strong team specialized in the worldwide transport of animals.

Whether zoo animals from Germany are to be released into the wild in Africa, or you move with your dog or parrot from Singapore to Canada, as specialists we plan these transports.

You, as pet owner, always stay informed. Because we keep you up to date, inform you about important details, and inform you when you have your dear animal friends back with you.

HOW do we work

We work as a forwarding agent for animal transport in accordance with current regulations, IATA, IPATA, etc. and specialize in the worldwide transport of animals.

Before the journey:

As soon as you know that a move is due or if you are planning a long journey, let us know and everyone will know about the transport of your pets.

The sooner you do this, the more time you and we have for preparations such as vaccinations of your pet.

During the trip:

Your pet comes first on all flights. On the one hand we take advantage of the fact that live animals have priority per se and on the other hand we make sure that this is implemented in the same way. Almost as if we were on board, we follow the transport of all animals and support the staff at the respective airport in order to avoid any possible delay. That is why we are in constant contact with everyone involved and you. Because we have learned from our customers that they feel better if they are well informed and can reach us at any time.

After the journey:

On arrival of your dog, cat or ornamental fish at the destination airport, we have already made all preparations. Your pet will be picked up by an air-conditioned apron vehicle and taken to the equally air-conditioned animal station, where it will be given exercise, food and water. At Frankfurt Airport this station is called Frankfurt Animal Lounge (FAL) and is operated by Lufthansa.

We work in an international market and deal daily with customers and business partners from all over the world. We ourselves are a team with different roots. Of course, English is the most used language, but you can also speak to us in German, Italian and Spanish.


A sharp businesswoman with over 20 years of experience. She keeps the office in check.

Conny Kästner

Managing Director / CEO
With her passion for animal transport still going strong after 30 years, Doris proves to be a thoroughbred logistics agent through and through.

Doris Mähn-Schinella

Sales and logistics specialist
Our most cheerful young colleague. Daniel, being a veterinary assistant has animals welfare at heart.

Daniel Moritz

Michelle also has a  passion for animals. She is a valuable help in out export department.

Michelle Müller

Sales and logistics specialist
Our Import department expert

Ramona Becker

20 , 40, & 11 Kilos of furry love. Our feel-good-furry friends in the office.

Carlo, Hazel & Flauschi