Sometimes the normal methods are just not good enough . We bend over backwards to accommodate and get our clients delivered faster and more comfortably to their final destination.

22.03.2017 Frankfurt.
“Basil” the chocolate Labrador and “Dottie” the Golden Retriever bitch were to move from the idyllic far stretching grasslands of their home in Baden-Württemberg (Germany) to the romantic streams, rivers and woods of their new home in the stately suburba of Minneapolis.
We faced one major problem. We had very short notice till the departure date. Due to this tight timeframe, we had to find a new routing for our furry guests, as there were no convenient routes available from our Homebase. Never to worry, the dynamic team at Animallogistics made the impossible possible, and via our network of partners, had Basil and Dottie shipped out to Amsterdam…
Pet shipping – check! While the pet owners were travelling on own with tickets from Frankfurt to Minneapolis (They were also traveling on a work related tight schedule), Dottie and Basil Jetted outdo Minneapolis, from Amsterdam International Airport aster a night at the local Paws-Hotel.
Upon arrival in Minneapolis, it seemed as though Dottie and Basil were fit and relaxed, maybe even more than their owners.. who, whilst fighting off the long flight fatigue and/or jet lag, had 2 active dogs to look after..
Basil and Dottie arrived in good shape.. ready to play !