Ob ,mit flugzeug oder Zug, Animallogistics sind eure Tier Transport Partner Nummer Eins!
Small birds, safely transported in the big metal birds.

Owners of falcons and parrots are usually specialists themselves for the species-appropriate keeping of their animals. Nevertheless, there is also a need for information when it comes to long journeys, with a few hours flight time and stay in the respective animal stations. Also these animals are sensitive and partly very sensitive contemporaries. They do not like to come into contact with other travelling animals without being asked, even if they travel in individual boxes they sense their presence. And they quickly get excited when they realize that they are restricted in their freedom for the time of transport. The necessary transport boxes vary greatly depending on the type and size of the feathered friends and we use transport boxes specially designed for each bird and journey. For example, the supply of liquid is regulated by the feed.

Also for the light inlet there are regulations and empirical values. Many details have to be observed, rules have to be observed and agreements have to be made with the airlines. In particular if a quarantine is prescribed, we take care of the registration and execution for you according to regulations and species-appropriate, for the welfare of your animals.