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WHY Animal Logistics

The transport of live animals is demanding and labour-intensive. This is why large transport companies usually …

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HOW we work

We work as a forwarding agent for animal transport in accordance with current regulations, IATA, IPATA, etc. and specialize …

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Tier Transport neuigkeiten. Bleiben Sie immer auf den letzte Stand. Up to date mit was euch und eure Lieblings wichtig ist beim Tier Transport.
Corona Virus

Important information about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) 

Due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus, more and more countries are restricting or completely banning their entry and exit regulations.

This also applies to the transport of live animals! If you are planning or have planned a trip with your animal, please check our latest blog post about the current situation and / or contact the AnimalLogistics team.

We try to keep you always up to date and are happy to help you. Our highest priority still is the reunion of families and the animal welfare of our furry friends.


Rules on access to the European Union (EU) for dogs, cats and ferrets

The requirements of Regulation (EU) No 576/2013 apply to the entry of dogs, cats and ferrets from third countries (so-called third countries) from 29 December 2014. These rules are intended to ensure protection against the introduction and spread of rabies.

The animal health status requirements are essentially based on the rabies situation in both the third country of origin and the Member State of destination in the EU. A maximum of 5 such pets may be transported per person. The animals must not be intended for transfer to a new owner.

By way of exception, the maximum number of 5 pet animals may be exceeded if the animals are transported in order to participate in competitions, events and sporting events or to participate in training courses for such events (for non-commercial purposes). These animals must be at least 6 months old and documentary proof must be provided that they are registered for one of the above events.

In all other cases, the rules for trade in animals apply. Detailed information can be found in the Regulation on the intra-Community movement, import and transit of live animals and products (Regulation on disease control).

In Germany, the various Regions (the highest veterinary authorities in the Region) are responsible for the implementation and supervision of this EU Regulation.

Ob ,mit flugzeug oder Zug, Animallogistics sind eure Tier Transport Partner Nummer Eins!

Rules and Regulations
The small print

Tax charges vary greatly depending on the circumstances and type of customs clearance. Similar to the cost of air freight or air travel for animals. We will inform you about it and take care of as little financial expenditure as possible without sacrificing quality. Each of our employees draws on 10 to 20 years of experience in this field.

Personal contacts
Our contacts, your advantage

Above all, we save you time. Because our team not only knows the laws and regulations for animal transports, but also the responsible airport personnel. For years we have maintained a professional and objective exchange between authorities, ministries and airlines. This shortens waiting times, even abroad, sometimes dramatically. And you save time and worry.[/icon]

100% Safe transport
You are in good hands

The transport of animals is a complex and cost-intensive business. Unfortunately, there are countless ways to get into trouble. In order to protect you, we, as experienced specialists, plan every animal transport carefully and support you so with your removal or long-distance journey. We make sure that your pet has nothing missing before, during and after the journey, neither supplies nor travel documents or an individual transport box. We will get in touch with all the offices involved, take care of and accompany all the necessary preparation and follow-up such as vaccinations, blood samples, import and export permits. This includes visits to the doctor, official visits, customs applications, tax payments, official certifications and permits.

Road transportation

Also the way to the airport and back home is our area of expertise. With air-conditioned vehicles, official registration and personnel specially trained in animal transport, we guarantee safe, professional delivery and collection of your animals.[/icon]

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