Of course, when members of the British military are relocated, their pets also travel.

September the 20th, 2017 at Frankfurt am Main, Germany

When we heard Mowgli was the name of our client’s cat, it took us back to the memories of our childhood by reminding us the jungle book. And that’s not too far from the fact, because Mogli belongs to a Major of the British Army. His name must not be mentioned due to security reasons, but he used to serve in Kenya, Africa.

So there we have our cat from the jungle, as Kenya used to be home to Mowgli. Yet being a military you have to be ready for relocation. Same here, and our awesome Mowgli headed off to good old Europe. Mowgli is a male tabby cat with a friendly open manner. Once Mowgli had arrived at Frankfurt airport, we took care of the paperwork and it’s official government transactions immediately. Therefore very soon we could give Mowgli to his happy family. Meanwhile all our office was completely inspected by the cat himself. And like most cats, Mowgli found the best place to be is on the top of our office cupboard. From there he must have felt like a little lion, having the best view of all.


Interesting Fun Fact.

NATO transfer

“§7 of the Status of Forces Agreement allows members of these armed forces simplifying their relocation referring the household and its pets”

We are familiar with this and other rules and regulations, because they enable us to work much faster and therefore better; for you and your beloved pets.

Always happy to serve 🙂