An animal transport from Frankfurt to North Carolina, USA

An unusual pug

Opie’s a pug mix. Would you have thought? The dogs, which actually have a maximum size of 25-35 cm, can actually reach the height of a Labrador in a breed mix. Opie is one of those. Only his snout reminds a little of his relatives, the pug. His owner is in the military and is now being transferred back to her home country. For the big move to the USA he is flying across the Pacific with AnimalLogistics.

The handling of the animal transport

The AnimalLogistics team took care of the entire process at Frankfurt Airport. This includes the information about necessary veterinary documents, vaccinations, export notification at customs, flight booking, short, the complete program. Of course, our team was always available for advice. After Opie’s owner had brought him to our office, the journey continued to the Frankfurt Animal Lounge.

Opie goes on a long journey

Opie flew with Lufthansa from Frankfurt am Main to Munich. There he continued to Charlotte, North Carolina in the USA. That’s over 7,000 km and more than a 10 hour flight! A long journey for a little dog. Opie arrived safely in America and is settling in now. We wish both of them all the best for the future!