wir lieben tiere - animal logistics - tier transport
Ob ,mit flugzeug oder Zug, Animallogistics sind eure Tier Transport Partner Nummer Eins!
Effortless transportation of reptiles and fish. That’s our speciality.

If you are the proud owner of an iguana, keep Koi in a garden pond or breed an ant colony, your animals will of course have to accompany you to your new home. To ensure that this is done in an animal-friendly manner, we advise them on feeding and have special transport boxes made. After all, turtles have completely different characteristics and needs than fish. Both will want to move during the journey. The turtle will try to dig its way out of the transport box. So the transport box has to offer the possibility to push filling material back and forth.

The turtle is surprisingly vulnerable at the tip of its nose, so the walls are padded. Koi carp and other large fish can also injure themselves on the nose or mouth if they are transported in the direction of travel or flight, for example, and hit the walls of the box too hard during the pilot’s manoeuvres. We will take all precautions and explain them to you.