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Ob ,mit flugzeug oder Zug, Animallogistics sind eure Tier Transport Partner Nummer Eins!
Transporting your cats. We aim to be your purr-fect partner.

Cats are not only very popular with us humans, they are also often very individual. It is important to know about the peculiarities of these elegant animals. At first sight cats seem to be more independent than dogs. This is also true when you consider that they like to leave the house alone and go on a discovery tour the whole day. They also like to follow their hunting instinct as predators and catch mice, birds and sometimes fish from streams and ponds. A cat should be given space and peace. Cats must not get the impression that they cannot retreat during their journey. And after arrival at the destination, the cat is often offended for one or two weeks because it does not have the usual territory at its disposal.

Do not comfort your cat with excessive food, but pay attention to it and let your cat or tomcat orient himself. Here too, as with dogs, it is best to get used to the box before the trip, regularly place the food there and put in a piece of clothing you have worn. The transport box should always be open so that your cat can go in and out. So that she doesn’t see the transport box as a cage.