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Ob ,mit flugzeug oder Zug, Animallogistics sind eure Tier Transport Partner Nummer Eins!

Dogs are more than just pets. Often they are family members who are an integral part of the personal everyday life. Especially if you have children, a dog is also a companion and friend who walks through thick and thin with you and your family. However, it is an animal and has different needs than humans.

If a big journey or move to a distant country is on the agenda, then we know from experience what is going on in your dog’s mind and we are pretty sure we know what it needs.

For example:

As a rule, pet owners are more excited than the animals themselves. When we are asked about dog tranquilizers, the first thing we ask is that any medication during the trip is forbidden. And we give tips on what is allowed and sensible to reduce the stress of your pet. On the one hand, homeopathic remedies are allowed but not absolutely necessary. On the other hand, and whatever helps, is to give anxious and nervous dogs time to get used to the transport box. Leave the box open at home before your journey so that your dog can get in and out as he pleases. You put your dog’s usual food in there and add a T-shirt you have worn. Thus the transport box for the animal becomes something everyday and even pleasant for dogs and by the way also cats, which hide themselves in principle gladly in everything which reminds them of a cave.

There are other interesting tips that you can learn from us before the plane takes off.